Past Simple Passive

06.04.2021, 12:40

8 Д класс [Английский язык]


Теоретическая часть

1.Проспрягайте глагол to invite -invited-invited в Past Simple Passive с переводом. (письменно)

2. Письменное упражнение:

Fill in the verb in the Past Active or Passive Voice.

  1. The Cape of Good Hope ... (discovered / was discovered) by Bartolomeo Dias.
  2. The actor ... (entertained / was entertained) the public.
  3. We ... (didn't arrive/ weren't arrived) at the camp in time.
  4. Many experiments ... (did/ were done) under water.
  5. Many people ... (invited / were invited) to the festival.
  6. They ... (discussed / were discussed) many exciting things.
  7. I ... (learnt / was learnt) many interesting things in this unit.
  8. What artist ... (painted / was painted) this picture.

Письменно в тетрадь, с переводом.


Д.з. упр 6, стр 61, пересказ

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