Активизация лексики по теме "Любимое времяпровождение. Погода"

27.04.2021, 08:00

6 В, Г класс [Английский язык]


Теоретическая часть

Доброе утро! Сегодня вы работаете с текстом для чтения и выполняете задание на новую лексику.

Ex. 1.  Read the text and complete it with the phrases (a— d). Write the letters in the table after the text. (Прочтите текст, переведите его и завершите его фразами. Буквы пропущенных фраз запиши в таблицу, таблицу оформи в тетради).

                                      Ideas fo r a Holiday

a) two thousand years old

b) it ’s time to start thinking

c) England’s most beautiful places

d) three or fou r places away from home

Now that spring is here, (1) _________ about holidays. Why not spend your holiday in different places? Do you really want to be all your holiday in the same place? Why not  visit (2) _________ in the British Isles?

These days more and more people are doing it. Britain has so many interesting places to visit. Some o f them are  (3)________ . There are so many places to choose from . You can go to Scotland and visit the Highlands, which are am ong1 the oldest mountains in the world. There are many beautiful lakes there. The best-known is Loch Ness, where as some people think, a large m onster2 lives. You can spend some days in the Lake D istrict w hich has some of (4) _________ and then go to the coun try’s capital which is its business centre (the City), the governm ent centre (W estminster), the cultural centre (the W est End) and the industrial [in'dAstrial] centre (the East End).









Ex. 2.  Choose the right words in brackets to complete the sentences. Write them in the gaps. Выберите подходящее слово в скобках, чтобы завершить предложения. (в тетради запиши номер предложения и нужное слово). Перед выполнением задания  повтори слова на с. 54-55 №  4, 5 А, В в учебнике.  

1. Sunny (frost/frosty )_______ frosty weather is so good for skiing.

2. It snowed (heavy/heavily) ______________ at night and in the m orning we went to the park to make snowmen.

3. A pril temperatures can be fairly high — 15— 20 degrees (above/below ) ______zero.

4. Do you like the (fashion/fashionable) ______________ of wearing your hair loose?

5. Men’ s (skirts/shirts) ________________ can be o f different colours.

6. Put on your warm jacket, it’ s very cold today, about 25 degrees (above/below )_______ zero.

7. It’s a (heavy/heavily) ______________ box. Don’t lift it alone. Let me help you.

8. We woke up in the m orning to see white (frost/frosty ) ______everywhere: on the ground, on the trees and on the houses.

9. Lucy usually wears her dark grey (skirt/shirt) ______________ with a yellow blouse.

10. Nowadays there are a lot of shops where you can buy (fashion/fashionable) ______________ clothes.


Выполнить задание:


с. 57 № 8,  9, 10  устно (прочти, переведи и выполни задание)